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    kokoe received a call from the Long Beach V A requesting that we cover a Veterans family motel room for two nights.
    aproximatlly $168.
    he needs two treatments before he moves to AZ
    i have put a envelope in the bar for donations.
    the regulars in the bar already put money in the envelope.
    thanks Everybody!
    also know that envelope will be passed around at the riders meeting this Saturday morning.

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    Hi All, to elaborate just a bit, this was in support of a request made by our friends at the VA Long Beach, Transition Program. This group, as you may recall supports Veterans as they come home from deployment and ease back into civilian life. We have done much for this program in the past, I cluding Thanksgiving for Veterans & Families, and also Operation Santa Claus.

    This particular family had transferred recently to Arizona. However, they have not settled down enough to transfer the veteran's VA care to the VA in Arizona.

    Thank you all for your support in our very last minute request. The VA, myself, and the family all appreciate your kindness.